How To Stop Dog Attacks On Joggers, Meter Readers, Delivery Personnel

Published: 02nd February 2010
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Sometimes dog attacks take place in areas where you would think you are completely safe. At a park or just jogging, walking or making simple deliveries, you are always at risk to encounter an unfriendly dog that is ready to attack.

Dog attacks are on the rise throughout the country and a primary reason for this is people are getting outdoors more now than ever. More people are jogging and walking to stay healthy and fit. Meter readers and delivery personnel are on the move seven days a week. These people are at a greater risk to encounter situations where they are likely to be confronted with a dog attack.

You should always keep a safe distance between you and the dog even if it is on a leash. Never approach a dog that is sleeping, barking, snarling or eating. If you suddenly come upon a dog never stare directly into the animals eyes. You should slowly turn sideways and withdraw. If the dog is attempting to attack put an object between you and the animal, such as a tree, bench, post, or a mailbox. Speak softly and try to calm him down. " Good dog, its OK, go home." Maintain a slow retreat out of his area. If you are attack and taken to the ground,curl up in a ball up as tight as possible and protect your head, face, and neck. Always remember, you can't out run a dog, not even the fastest runner could. If you are jogging or walking look ahead and if you see a dog alter your route to avoid his area.

There are some great products available that can help stop a dog attack.

repellents such as

pepper sprays and electronic whistles that emit high frequency sound that scare dogs away. A new product that is gaining popularity is a

telescopic stun gun. This has become popular with walkers and joggers. It is a small baton with a flashlight and alarm that can also be extended telescopically to 24 inches long. It is armed with an electric shocking device at its tip that can deliver thousands of volts to ward of any attacker, animal or human. It is a non lethal device that does not inflict permanent harm.

Remember to always stay calm when you are faced with possible animal attack. Animals have a unique ability to know when you are afraid. Thats when they are most likely to attack. Never turn your back and always back up slowly. There is always the possibility of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Be prepared!

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